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I'm Nanny and you found me! Thanks!

I'm a mom of 3 college-age/just out of college-age kids who keep me on my toes and for whom I'll do anything 'til my last dying day!

I've known my husband since I was 14 and we've been married for 26 years - pretty cool considering the wild ride we've been on. We live in a little seaside town, north of Boston, commonly known as the birthplace of the American Navy. And we spend our time looking for sea glass, collecting shells and messing about in boats. 

I went to Dartmouth College and bleed green every day. I should've been a double Spanish and Art History major but I just majored in Art History. Something about a warm dark-lit room looking at slides after a crazy night, appealed to me. I ran the Winter Carnival which taught me well about making snow sculptures and the aforementioned crazy nights.

I love sports, cooking, crafts, books, FLOWERS and anything to do with the ocean. Except being on our boat off the coast of North Carolina in the middle of the night when all the radio is telling me to do is to get to land any way I can. (see previous wild ride comment :))

I rowed crew and played lacrosse in college but lax is where my heart is. Just not my knees - I had 8 operations on the same knee - a tough diet plan any way you slice it! And for any football fans out there, I am a HUGE Patriots and Tom Brady (swoon) fan!

Hats I've worn:
Official White House Easter Bunny (true, true, true) 
Here I am in the East Wing (my mom was my "bunny handler" and that costume was HOT!)

Guest Clown and Ringmaster for Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey's Circus
designer (floral, interior, pottery, accessories, graphic, etc. etc.)
event planner
chef (on land and sea)
grief counselor
hospital clown
college admissions counselor
college lecturer
lacrosse coach
x-country ski coach
field hockey coach
soccer coach
model (shockingly true)

sales rep
retail manager and buyer 
educational foundation director
publications and pr director

and probably even more hats than that!

As you can see, I like to do a lot of things, so this blog seemed like a perfect way to corral my thoughts. You can read about my likes and dislikes under each tab and I'll try to write regularly so you'll stay with me on this adventure. 
Let the wild rumpus start!

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