September 26, 2014

"Land-yachting" at the Newport Boat Show on $8.50/day

Okay, so it did cost us more than $8.50 to do the whole Newport International Boat Show including food and tickets and drinks - lots of those!

But, it only cost us $8.50 to stay in Newport during the show, thanks to my trusty "land-yacht" Torpedo. My husband and I made up the term, land-yacht, because as you've figured out by now, we like boats. We work on boats, play on boats and live on boats. (Torpedo also moonlights as a super-fan bus going to lots of sporting events. But that's a story for another day.)
I'm always, ALWAYS in search of my "beach", in whatever form it needs to take on any day
 We brought provisions and threw our stuff on board and set off for a great couple of days. Goslings rum at the ready for "Nanny's" (Goslings and pink lemonade), "Joey's" (Goslings and orange juice) and Dark 'N Stormy's (Goslings and ginger beer), along with lots of white wine and simple snacks
 Simple overnights mean I don't need a lot of clothes. But I DO love my Sea Bags anchor bag. 
Love their things!
No self-respecting "land-yachter" can go cruising without some fresh flowers!

We figured out our cheap accommodations a couple of years ago when we went to the show in Torpedo and had to find a place to park. The beauty of our land-yacht is that she's (boats are always referred to as female) only 26 feet long which allows us to park in most oversized parking spots.
In Newport, on the famous Thames Street along the water, is a stretch of angled parking spots with meters, if you're lucky enough to get one. Or in this case, I stalked a poor man walking to his car and waited until my husband circled the block to pull into the space. I wasn't making a lot of friends at that point :).

The great thing about the meters is that you can use a credit card eliminating the need for quarters, put enough $ on the meter and then it shuts off at night. So for the day, it only cost us $8.50 and we were right next to the action - bars and restaurant - which came in mighty handy when we were a little tipsy and needed to go to bed.

We had fun shopping at the show, checking out our dream yachts, hosting very un-glam appetizers but with yummy drinks on board for friends and passerbys alike.
 Can't you just imagine doing cocktail tours around the harbor in this cool electric launch?
LOVE this sign!
 My favorite restaurant in Newport, The Candy Store, at the Clarke Cooke House
Every bar and restaurant needs a "Dog Bar"
I think my brother would have a blast on this!

Flags, flags everywhere and not a drop to drink!
(anyone remember Rime of the Ancient Mariner?)
 Pretty flower boxes on the wharves
Buy the boat and get some free lilies?
Even a little brass band to get me in the shopping mood! 
Unfortunately, I didn't need any help getting into the mood 
and maybe, just maybe, spent a little too much. 
But, Christmas IS coming and some of these may be gifts (hope my friends are hiding their eyes)
Even though I love Sea Bags, I also love Ella Vickers and I desperately needed a duffle bag. Both companies take old sails and make bags out of them. The sales lady excitedly explained that the duffle bag came from a 420 sail. I think I'd already figured that one out :) The purse and champagne bag just happened to fall in the pile when I was paying - oops!
Chace N'Lulu is one of my favorite stores in Newport and they had this super cute cashmere tunic. I wear a lot of tunics in the summer because they hide a lot of sins, and fun nights out. So just switching material from cotton to cashmere, I can still rock my look (as preppy as it may be).
If you don't know about MW Coastal Goods, you should. This husband/wife team combine their fishing and artistry and make these super cool bottle stoppers bottle openers and loads of other goodies. I even WON the lobster bottle opener from entering a contest at their booth!
The less glamorous side of yachting, in any form, is that sometimes there are smells from mold and mildew, bilge pumps etc. that you wish would just go away. I am PROMISED by my friend Libby, who actually lives on a 59' Hatteras year 'round with her husband and two dogs, that this stuff is amazing. Gotta try it on our real yacht.
Christmas present alert!
I just HAD to buy the double wine bags from the Newport Shipyard. Whoever has just one bottle? Pleeease! If you ever need service, this place has it all, including a cute shop and yummy restaurant!
This little number just wrapped itself around my wrist so I couldn't leave it behind! 
It's by Harrison + Pike
My last purchase was an attempt to purchase because they didn't have my size. But I LOVED this coat (no this isn't me, I wish) and I do need a raincoat. It's by Helly Hansen and supposedly runs small, but It's so cute!

So, though my accommodations were cheap, I more than made up for it in my purchases. But after running into lots of friends during the show and a night with best friends sharing drinks and apps on on board our land yacht, this was great road trip - one definitely to be repeated! 
p.s. see the boat listing for my dream yacht? A steal for only $5.9 million! ha ha!

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