April 2, 2015


Happy Easter and Passover to one and all!
Here I am in the EAST WING of the White House in THE Easter Bunny suit!

Here's a quickie post to let you all know that I SO appreciate any and all the time you spend reading this silly blog! And more posts are coming soon! But I'm heading off to see the cherry blossoms in Washington, DC! (I hope!) 

As you've read, it's been a hard winter so the timing of all blooming things is a little screwy to say the least! So I hope the cherry blossoms are out, but I won't know until I get there. But thinking of being in Washington over Easter weekend reminded me of one of the TWO TIMES I got to be at the White House for their major Easter Egg Roll and celebration, which actually happens on the Monday after Easter, funnily enough!

My friend Meg, has a friend Missy, who had a very big job in the White House. Missy knows I'm a little out there, so she once asked Meg if I wanted to be the OFFICIAL White House Easter Bunny!! Uh, duh! YESSSS!!! Who wouldn't? That's what I thought!

So needing an actual "Bunny Handler", I promptly asked my sweet Mum if she would do the honors. Of course she said yes! Meg and her Mom were outside handling the Egg Roll very nicely.
The BEST Bunny Handler money can buy! Don't you just love her coat?
Fun fact - my Mum is standing next to the East Wing connector where each First Lady is honored by a specific variety of tulip!

So here we were, at the crack of dawn, being processed through multiple security checkpoints, before we entered the East Wing…of THE WHITE HOUSE (omg!). And once inside, we were ushered into the room where the Bunny costume manager met me. Boy, was he serious about his job!! I wanted to laugh, because, well, it's a bunny suit. But this was his life, so I had to behave.
 They didn't mind me taking pictures of their artwork. 
Wish I knew who she was...
 This was really cool - like a diorama and painting all in one!
A little side table arrangement courtesy of the White House floral department. 
A sure dream job for me!

So, once I was encased in this suit, I immediately began to die twelve thousand deaths from the sheer heat. I could only see out of one mesh eye hole and my Mum led me into the main hallway of the White House where all the Senators, Congressmen and important people wanted to have their picture taken with the Easter Bunny aka ME!

Just imagine…all these important politicians and famous people that you see on tv all the time, clamoring to stand with me. I was starstruck, in the little bit of me that could see through the sweat and one eye hole. Glamour knows no bounds! ha ha!

And there was my Mum, bless her heart, with her arthritic hands, trying to corral all these VIPS into groups so that she could wrap her fingers around the varied cameras and get the shot. It was too funny!!

We mingled with everyone inside and out. And though this was a few years ago, as evident by the President, it was truly one of the most spectacular days of my life! Granted it was HOT! The Bunny suit manager and his minions all said "ewwww" when I finally took off the suit. I was soaked with sweat. Way to keep it classy, Nanny :)
This is what the Oval Office looks like when you're actually on the White House lawn. 
The Rose Garden is right nearby and tiny compared to what you see on tv!
The Truman Balcony is so pretty, and with the Marine Band playing, really moving...
The JONAS BROTHERS back when no one knew who they were! They were so AWFUL singing the National Anthem acapella. They definitely needed auto-tune.
The President and First Lady greeting the throngs of people on the lawn.
 GWB checking this Bunny out!
Even Easter Bunnies like hugs!!! 
 The giant-headed Presidents from the Washington Nationals came to play...
…and Mrs. Bush read from Arthur's New Puppy to promote literacy.
Troy Aikman, now GM of the Denver Broncos, brought his beautiful family.
And here's the gang after it was all said and done! And if you thought I was taking that hat off, after the "bunny head" (instead of hat head) I had, you were mistaken! My Mum, and Meg's dear Mom, with us standing behind.

Here's to Easter and Passover with your loved ones, even if it's only in spirit!


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