October 31, 2014

New England Halloween through the eyes of Pumpkin People

One of our daughters works at a prep school in New Hampshire and she runs the student activities there. So when we got the call to bring Halloween decorations up, we jumped in the car and headed North.
Extra creepy good!

Without a lot to do in the town of Meriden, (the town even has a t-shirt that says "What Happens in Meriden Stays in Meriden - but nothing really happens here" and the town of Plainfield, whose t-shirts says "Nothing Plain Plainfield"), they REALLY get into pumpkin people.

So, after we dropped Frank off, we started the tour...
You might not think Frank is tall, but look at him next to Joe here... 

…and Tina here!

Hope you have as much fun as we did seeing Fall in New England through the eyes of these clever creations!
 Miss Piggy and Kermit were the first to greet us

I think someone stole the pumpkin here and he's just plain dead
 Desperate Housewives of the Farm?
I think the outhouse is down the road, buddy.
Best Plumber's Crack ever!
 Does a plastic pumpkin count? You be the judge.

Love the deranged look on his face!
I had to ask permission to take this picture - two big dogs in the yard came up to growl/greet me - but how can you not love this quintessential North Country couple
 I like the snaggle-tooth on the witch
Clearly her face was painted by an artist and her hair styled by a hairdresser
Hey there, Mr. Moose. Come here often? Prrrrrrrrrrr
Which way to the luau?
I'd turn back if I were you!
Classic New England Bird Watchers
Who you calling despicable?
 Maybe Zombies are really Pumpkin People?
Practice your best New England accent…I'm working on the fahhm
New meaning to Cheesehead! I think he's been holding this block of cheese too long...
…and her latest spells didn't work so she's a bit ashamed - with the holiday coming and all
Shiver me timbers! There are pirates in them thar' woods!
 You got 100% on your exam? Why so serious (batman)?
Its always funny until someone loses their head!
The not so isty-bitsy-spider! Yikes!
Look Ma! One wheel!
Darth Vader's father is discovered!

I do too, Olaf. I do too.
Just a reminder - don't leave your pumpkins burning all night long!
 HAPPY HALLOWEEN! (and yes, I actually do read tarot cards - for fun)
 Here's hoping your night is better than his!
And if worse comes to worst, I'll just ask my crystal ball! BBbbwwwwwaahhhaaahaaaa!

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