November 6, 2014

The Stunning Meg Carter Jewelry

Heeeeeere's MEG! Don't you love her great booth at the NY Accessories Show?
Commence drooling now…

Let me just tell you that I'm the BIGGEST fan of Meg Carter Designs Not in a creepy Kathy Bates - Misery kind of way, but in a genuine, love/droolfest kind of way. I wear her jewelry, literally EVERY SINGLE DAY. She's one of those people who creates these amazing jewelry pieces and you scratch your head saying, "how did she ever come up with this?" Oh, and annoyingly, she's also gorgeous and brilliant and I'd hate her if I didn't love her.
Vintage Dartmouth scene after a football game (Meg's in the center) outside AD (alpha delta or the house on which Animal House is based - oops looks like I'm double fisted!

Fair disclosure, Meg Carter, nee Garretson, is my best friend from our days at Dartmouth. We were similar in so many ways and yet so different in others, and that's what makes our friendship perfect. We were in each other's weddings and I am the lucky godmother to her son, who may not feel so lucky with a crazy person like me!

I got to spend some time with Meg recently at her home and she allowed me to take photos of her workshop. Meg is like Willy Wonka minus the oompah-loompahs. Instead of making fantastical creations out of candy, her medium is shells and other oh-so-fab goodies. Meg indulged my fantasy and allowed me to peek into her world. And I can't thank her enough… 
 The blue color of this door didn't photograph as it really is, but its so serene that you almost think you could dive right in
The knocker says it all - inside this house awaits glamour, talent and fun!
Yes, this LOOKS like an original Fairfield Porter painting, but its a rendition by Meg. 
…and another one that Meg just whipped up. Its her favorite view from her summer place in Maine. Okay, I'll admit, I'm a little envious of her talent :)
So to drown my realizations of my limited capabilities, I decided to enjoy a fine beverage from her swanky bar!
Like all fans of Willy Wonka, one of my favorite parts was the entering of his wonderland. 
Here the fish over the door on this uber-cool wallpaper leads the way into her workshop.
SHELLS everywhere - sigh, angels sing - you get the picture
LOVE that they're segregated by color and not type. Who knew there were so many to choose from?

boxes, tools, coral and shells - all in a days work
On one wall, Meg displays her "TOWN" collection against great black and white photos
and on another wall, Meg displays just some of her magazine covers - she could cover her walls with all her press!
Chester the wonder dog, who was supposed to be a masterful hunting dog, prefers the warm inside climate to wet ducks in his mouth. He's not so sure about me.
 It takes a VERY steady hand to drill these shells - one false move and they're ruined. No pressure!
Here she's working on her "Emilio" necklace from her TOWN collection
I felt like a little kid with an open pirate's chest. I just wanted to run my fingers though all the shells and pearls
a pretty little chinoiserie chandelier (say that five times fast) to light the way
so I asked Meg if we could take some pictures and she styled a mini-shoot! 
SUCH fun to watch the master at work - despite my blurry picture!
sometimes using coral, other times using manzanita branches, Meg always thinks up fun ways to display her goodies
 exhibit A
exhibit B - I'm now in a shell coma/heaven
 some lucky person is about to get a gift!
 like soldiers all lined up and ready to be filled
and then the gift bag - jealous!

this picture was taken at my house when she came and did a trunk show - 
eenie meenie miney moe! I couldn't decide and wanted one of each of them!
and even MORE temptation!
and if all this weren't enough, Meg got to meet and have tea with the one and only, Lilly Pulitzer (at her jungle house btw)! Here's a little note of thanks from Lilly to Meg for one of her necklaces. Every preppy girl's dream!
So, there you have it. Shop early and often! The holidays are upon us and why not add joy to the lives of your friends and family with one of Meg's STUNNING creations? I know I will!

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